The earliest forms of the discipline were based on Indochinese martial arts, which developed into Muay Thai. Muay Thai (Muay Boran) can be traced to the 16th century.

This style of martial arts emphasizes knee and elbow strikes, kicks, and punches.

The term “kickboxing” itself was introduced in the 1960s in Japan as a hybrid martial art comprising elements of karate, Muay Thai, and Western boxing. It was recognised in the USA when the first World Championships were held in 1974.


Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport.

At IMAA the form of kickboxing we focus on is Point sparring and continuous fighting.

There is a strong emphasis on fitness and conditioning, proper technique, and most importantly: FUN!

We are happy to be known as the Kickboxing dojo where anyone of any shape, size, age, and level of fitness is welcome.

Kickboxing is an aerobic form of exercise that helps strengthen and condition your body. It is a martial arts sport that will help you get fit and provide health benefits, such as reduced body fat, increased flexibility, and a strengthened heart. Kickboxing improves your balance and builds body strength. 

Kickboxing is a sport martial art. Combined with traditional martial arts, you will certainly have the edge when it comes to endurance and fitness.

We also take the time to focus on some self-defense and groundwork that usually does not form part of the Kickboxing routine.

“Strong emphasis is placed on training foundations, such as Basics, Discipline, Fitness, Endurance, Stretching, Focus & Techniques. Students can compete locally as well as Internationally. DMF is affiliated to SAKA, WAKO & MASA.”

We are proudly affiliated with Dynamic Mixed Fighting (DMF) Kickboxing, under Sensei Natasha Crous in George, South Africa. All grades issued are official and accredited nationally and internationally.

Expert tuition in authentic Okinawan martial arts.

Karate: Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyuokai

Weaponry: Matayoshi Kobudo

FightFit: Conditioning & Fitness, Standup Fighting.

All disciplines welcome.

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