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Martial arts classes benefit growing children far beyond the dojo and in many real-world scenarios. Our structured classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills. Through positive reinforcement, we can bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life.

Here at our Dojo, we proudly practice Okinawan Goju-Ryu. Ever heard of the Karate Kid and the famous Mr. Miyagi?

Chojun Miyagi is the founder of Goju-Ryu Karate. Our dojo proudly belongs to Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyokai. Our organisation is pure and is culmination of the direct lineage off Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

For all you history buffs, you might enjoy this chronology detailing the origins of OGKK:


Goju-Ryu Karate is a very enjoyable facinating martial art. Practicing this style of Karate teaches you a lot about your own body and you will be amazed at your own capabilities. It is a myth that you have to be big and strong to survive. You only need to be clever, know your capabilities and train regularly.

In the world of today, especially in our country the greatest gift you can give to a loved one is to invest in martial arts classes.

You might ask, but which martial art is best? There are many different styles of martial arts, and also many different styles of Karate. The world of martial arts is huge and each art offers many benefits.

The most important aspect you need to consider when selecting a dojo is to ensure that the instructors and facilities are LEGITIMATE.

We will be honoured if you choose us!

More About Us and OGKK

Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyokai with headquarters situated in Okinawa has a very strong footprint in South Africa. We, the 35th OGKK dojo, are very privileged to be under leadership of our Senseis: Kyoshi’s Elias and Lilian Kattan, Continental Heads of OGKK.
You are guaranteed exceptional quality tuition as we still train with our Senseis twice a week and we are scrutinised for quality assurance purposes regularly.
Goju- Ryu Karate is a style of karate where you do not need to be stronger than your threat in order to protect yourself. The system is based on the concept of hard (go) and soft (ju), always in consistent harmony one equalizing the other.

Besides the obvious of learning self-defense, Karate has many other benefits that include improvement in the following areas:

  • Self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Coordination & stability
  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Fitness & conditioning
  • Discipline & respect
  • Cardiovascular health, muscle tone, weight loss and many more.

We also offer specialised training in Sport Karate, should you or your child be interested in competing at recognized high-quality tournaments. All colours achieved are official and your child will be recognised at school with sport colours.

Preferred starting age for Karate: 5 years old. If your child is 4, we can assess your child to determine readiness.