Monique Morrison-Hagen

Head Instructor

Our Dojo Head, Monique started her Karate journey in 1985 at the age of 10. For the past 34 years, living the Karate life has shaped Monique into the individual she is today. Other martial arts include Kobudo and Kickboxing.

Since hanging up her gloves, Monique has excelled as a referee, recently selected to be on the World Goju-Ryu Federation Referees Committee. In South Africa she is very well know as one of the few national female KSA referees.

Although an avid influencer and official in the Sport Karate world, Monique’s passion is for traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, a lifelong art that gives back and grounds one for all interactions and presentation in daily life.

5 Years ago, Monique also started the very challenging art of Okinawan Weaponry. Matayoshi Kobudo is an extremely technically challenging martial art that provides for incredible satisfaction when you are able to master even the most simple weapons basics and partner work. In 2018 Monique achieved her 1st Dan ( Black Belt level 1) in Kobudo.

Monique also has 24 years of experience and many gold medals in Kickboxing.

On the administration side, Monique currently serves on the Executive as the Treasurer of Karate South Africa – Cape Town Region ( Previously known as Western Province.

  • Yondan (4th Dan) Black Belt in Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyokai – OGKK
  • Shodan (1st Dan) Black Belt in Matayoshi Kobudo
  • Sandan (3rd Dan) Black Belt in Kickboxing - SAKA
  • World Goju Ryu Federation: Member of the Referees Committee
  • Karate South Africa: National Referee
  • OGKK South Africa: Chief Referee
  • Certified International C.O.B.R.A.™ Self-Defense Instructor – C.O.B.R.A. USA
  • ETA (Exercise Teachers Academy) Personal Fitness Trainer diploma - ETA
  • Sport Nutritionist Certification - American council of Exercise
  • Sport Nutrition Diploma - Stonebridge University, UK.
  • Sport Specific Nutrition - ISSA Certified
  • Johnny G Master Spinning Instructor – Schwinn, Bradford, UK
  • Basic First Aid Level 2 – Joan Nortje & Associates RSA
  • Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ) – Stellenbosch University
  • Bachelor Honours Politics and International Relations Degree (BAHons) – Stellenbosch University

OGKK Goju-Ryu Traditional Karate, 4th Dan


Okinawan Weaponry - Matayoshi Kobudo, 1st Dan


Kickboxing, 3rd Dan


ETA Personal Trainer


Qualified Nutritionist


Martial Arts is a way of life,

An art that can be practised for a lifetime..

A holistic approach to life for Mind, Body and Soul.

“Do not strike others, and do not allow others to strike you. The goal is peace without incident.”

Chojun Miyagi

Years of experience in martial arts and fitness to share. Lessons learnt from mistakes is the best teacher in life. Experience cannot be bought. Always a student of life under the watchful eye of my own teachers, Sensei Elias & Lilian Kattan.

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