- Overall Strength & Conditioning
-Functional Fitness
-Flexibility & Mobility
-Sport Karate (WKF, WUKF & ISKA)
-Kickboxing (SAKA & ISKA)
The best fighter is a FIT FIGHTER!

  • All ages, shapes & sizes welcome
  • Release that Stress
  • Be stronger than you have ever been
  • Let's melt away the Pounds together!

This is a class for everybody. The focus in the class is to become the fittest you have ever been.

You will also learn basic fighting techniques that will make you proficient enough in order to do bag work and sparring during class. Sparring is stand-up fighting (Kickboxing & Sport karate). Sparring will be controlled and is light contact.

In this class you will improve the following elements:

  • Overall Strength & Conditioning
  • Functional fitness
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Cardiovascular Health

Fitness and conditioning are prerequisites for any good martial artist and just for a good life in general.

During the year we continuously prepare for the next tournament. Besides fitness we also include strict tournament preparation in the class repertoire especially for tose that aspire to achieve on the highest levels.

None of our classes are militaristic. The focus is always safety first.

Our dojo is a safe space, not just in terms of body, but also mind and soul. The dojo is a place where you and your child will feel welcome.