Matayoshi Kobudo

This martial art is the study of most weapons that you see on TV in any martial arts movie: The Bo, Tonfa, Sai and Nunchaku. Proficiency displayed on TV by martial arts experts (including the famous Ninja Turtles!) took years and years of training to achieve. Please do not practice this art for 6 months and expect to be a weapons expert.
Yes! These weapons were adapted from agricultural implements and used for protection in ancient Okinawa when weapons were banned for use by civilians. They were not created especially for TV shows!
Although the Matayoshi system consists of more than 20 different weapons, we will focus on the 4 weapons mentioned above. Once black belt level is achieved, then only do we venture to attempt the lesser known weapons.
Kobudo is a safe art consisting of weapons basics, partner work and is a lot of fun. Extreme patience is required due to the difficulty of this art. This being said, classes will be presented at a slow pace and the focus will be on repetition in order to become "one with your weapon".
It is much harder performing Kata ( arranged set of movements) with a weapon, sometimes 2 weapons at a time, than performing a Kata in Karate, where only your body is required.