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Week Nights: 6PM - 9PM

About Our Dojo

It was time to start a Dojo. The name "International Martial Arts Academy" sounded awesome...
Thats not why we chose that name though!.. This name really suits our dojo. Its true, its real and represents what we do.

So what do we do?
Well, we present authentic martial arts, legit,with a strong lineage directly to Okinawa.
You will not be training at a McDojo, get your blackbelt in one year or wear a multicolour Gi full of badges or be doing summersalts in your katas to music.
Here you will learn true authentic OGKK Goju-Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo.

Each grade, all medals and achievements are recognized legitimally in South Africa as well as on an International level.
When it is time to get that Black Belt, we will not download a certificate from the internet and sign it for you. Nope, your black belt certificate will come from our South African Honbu Dojo. but wait theres more! In addition to that you will be awarded another Black Belt certificate from Okinawa.

YES! This is the REAL DEAL..
At an authentic Dojo, you learn movement and application thereof. You will become a Warrior, develop a passion for martial arts and the desire to never stop learning.
..... Unfortunately we are very bad at teaching theatrical performance.
.. Luckily we are brilliant at doing and teaching REAL martial arts!
O Yes! And then, last but not least, you will love our FightFit class! Here you will become the fittest you have ever been and improve your fighting skills no matter what discipline you follow.

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Not at all. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
When you come and visit us, you are welcome to watch a class, although we would prefer if you give it a try. You will enjoy the experience and you have nothing to lose, except for a few calories.
Nobody is ever to old to start martial arts. It s a proven fact that Karate as well as Kobudo is practised well in to old age. In fact, the more you train, the longer you will live due to the amazing health benefits and other positive life changes that martial arts promote. The oldest member of our Honbu dojo in Cape Town has just turned 80 and he shows no signs that it might be time to put down his gloves. Due to the depth of especially Karate and Kobudo, there is also more than enough to learn for the next 50 years of your life and that is not me just exaggerating, its the simple proven, time tested truth. Nope, that does not mean it is to difficult for you, it only means there is SO much fun and effective things to learn.
In any sport or martial art there is always risk of injury. As mentioned above, it is your responsibility to inform us of any existing condition or injury. At the Dojo the highest priority is safety first. That is why, in each class great care is taken to warm up your body with specific warmup exercises and cool down stretching. When we do partner work and sparring (irikumi, randori and kumite) contact is controlled. We will teach you how to guage correct distance, timing, speed and power so that you or the person you are practising with will not get hurt. You will also not be asked to do a flying kick in your first or even 110th class!
Surprise Yourself!
Learning is FUN!
Legit & Authentic!